A COOK'S REMEDY a video series

A COOK'S REMEDY: A Video Series

"Food has played a complex role in my life. Having grown up in my grandparent's pastry shop in the Basque Country, there was a natural familiarity around food. In my youth, I turned toward this comfort to quell my anxieties. In my twenties, I developed a secret eating disorder that led me to isolation but beautifully, it was this same relationship with food, that lead me toward health: I realized that cooking for other people was in fact my way out of isolation and depression. Later on I became a professional pastry chef and food stylist. As a blogger and photographer, I found an outlet to obsess over food in a new and balanced way. And now, by using food as a medium, I am able to explore my life and those around me through cooking. This video series explores this relationship of food and community."  --Aran Goyoaga

Episode 1: Into the Woods

Episode 2: Into the Orchard

Episode 1 Recipe: Gluten-Free Nettle Pasta with Morels

Episode 2 Recipe: Gluten-Free Apple, Olive Oil and Yogurt Cake

Episode 3: Roots Part 1

Episode 3: Roots Part 2

Episode 3 Recipe: Sopa de Pescado

Episode 4: A Friend's Visit

Episode 4 Recipe: Tortilla de Patatas