May 21

2-day Source, Style, Capture Workshop | Sunday Suppers, Brooklyn

  • Sunday Suppers

This is a comprehensive weekend workshop where you will get to learn how Aran approaches a food shoot from start to finish. From her philosophy on food styling, selecting props, light and shadows, composition, photography basics to how to edit your work to tell a complete visual story.

There will be a discussion on developing one’s style, inspirations and also the business side of being a freelance photographer. Day one will spent creating images and day 2 will be dedicated to editing. You will watch Aran demonstrate her work process and you will also get to work hands on.

Each day in the studio you'll enjoy two Sunday Suppers meals (Breakfast + Lunch), highlighting the season's best ingredients.


Equipment needed |

DSLR camera and lenses (recommended although some mirrorless cameras are wonderful these days). Don’t forget batteries and chargers.

Card readers and usb cables to download images.

Laptop and photo editing software like Lightroom and Photoshop. Tripods are optional.


This class is open to beginners-Intermediate students with a knowledge and interest in Photography + Styling. Owning a DSLR is important as well as a beginning knowledge of how to use your camera. If you have particular questions about your experience - please email for guidance. 

Jul 3

Visual storytelling workshop in the French Basque Country

  • Biarrotte France

Please visit Ritchie Ace Camps for more details and registration.

You will learn the fundamentals of how to prep, prop and style food for the camera, using the bounty of beautiful foods of the region.  Aran will also discuss the business of food photography, how to sell your images and what is required to take photographs that meet magazine publication standards.
The group will take a day trip to St. Jean de Luz in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques - a beautiful seaside town combining Spanish and French influences.  While there, participants will photograph the beautiful fishing village and have lunch at a local cafe.